Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from RobP - 'Italians in North Africa'

After reaching the initial finish line i set for the Challenge I find myself spoiled with choices on what to pick up next. As I mentioned in earlier posts my plan has totally gone so i will work on bits and pieces from now on.

In order to keep some pressure on I will raise my challenge points total to 700.. I also challenge my fellow Dutchmen to beat me to the 700 points line....

To get started towards the new total I painted up an italian field gun from Empress miniatures.

Since our group will start a Chain of Command campaign, set in the desert, very soon I thought it would be wise to get some extra fire power for my Italians available to keep MikeF's brits at save distance and force them to eat dust..

The gun itself was a bit annoying to put together since no instruction were present or to be found.. I searched the web for some images to see how it was supposed to loo and took it from there. The figures were clean and excellent to paint.

Now I have given away some intelligence towards MikeF he can prepare himself a little.. I am however planning more reinforcement for the campaign.....


  1. No build plans can leave you a little bewildered at times but you got an excellent looking gun and team in the end. cheers