Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from AaronH - 'Agent Lake'

Agent Lake is a 28mm model from Brigade Games (US), Pulp Heroines.

Agent Lake,
She's wearing the classic cocktail and .45 combo that was so much the fashion in the 1960's.  The model was clean and easy to clean up.  Simple but with just the right amount of detail.  She was a nice paint.

Clean lines and nice detail.
The sculpting is very good.  The .45 has an ejection port and ridges to grip the upper receiver.

The dress has nice folds, though she is a bit busty.
I don't really have a use for her so she'll probably accompany the Curtgeld as a body guard.


  1. Light on detail but worked wonderfully by you


  2. She's a sexy lass she is. I love that blue you used on her dress. Well done!

  3. Really fine painting work. She is waiting for something...

  4. Yes, she does look a bit pensive. She's a beaut. I like the checked floor as well.