Sunday, February 22, 2015

'Comedic' from IannickM - 'Frog Jester'

Of all the bonus themes rounds I can remember, this one was the one I had the most difficulty coming up with a good idea. Comedic? Really, I had nothing in my big pile of lead which seemed to fit that bill. So, again, I turned to my favourite provider of weird and original miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures. And again the small outfit delivered when after some search on their website I found a great little piece; a Jester! And what is more Comedic than a jester? Well how about a frog jester! 

So I went crazy on this little fellow, trying to cram as many colours as I could on him. Hey, a Jester is supposed to be tacky and colourful! It made for a nice little distraction.

So I used pink, 2 types of purple, turquoise, yellow, pale blue and red! And I'm quite happy with the look of this fellow.