Monday, February 23, 2015

'Comedic' from KevinH - 'Alien Exotic Dancers'

First off, my apologies to the Ladies in the Challenge.  I don't normally do "cheezecake" figures, but some years back, I painted the Copplestone Castings "Grey Aliens" pack.  So when I saw this Reaper pack of "Alien Exotic Dancers" at the FLGS on Boxing Day, I had to get them!  I checked the list of Fortnight Challenges, and spotted "Comedic" and thought this set would make a great entry.

First off, is the "Grey Alien" dancer.  I never knew the "Grey" women were so... "well developed!"  Maybe getting Abducted ain't such a bad thing after all!  ;-)

The next dancer was fairly "human" looking, so I thought I'd paint her like a STAR TREK "Orion Slave Girl."  Then, as I got painting, I noticed she had three breasts!  I never knew that about the Orions!

I wasn't sure what to do about the third dancer...  She had one big eye, and three-fingered hands, but otherwise, wasn't too unusual (then again, there is that "mouth" in her chest!).  I started poking around for "one-eyed alien" pictures on Google, and eventually came across the "One-eyed, One horned, Flying Purple People Eater."  So that decided it - the third dancer was going to be Purple!  I thought there was something in the song about Orange hair, but looking up the lyrics showed no mention of Orange.  I decided to go with it anyway!  It made a nice contrast with the Purple skin.

All the ladies have their gold "la-mae" shoes and dance thongs, and I tried to get the Dance Pole as "chrome" as I could with brush-on paints.  I think it all turned out reasonably well.  If I'd had more time, I would have painted the 'ball' at the top like a Moon or Planet!  It would have been cool if Reaper had made the "stage" look more like a retro, '50's Flying Saucer, too!

As some of you might notice, the piece is still on a painting block.  Once again, I had been pre-occupied with Life this weekend, and had to SCRAMBLE like an RAF fighter pilot to get this piece finished!  I might as well say - I've been dealing with my Mother's deteriorating physical health over the past two years, and over the last few months her mental health has started showing signs of deterioration also.  Saturday was a good day, but Sunday not so much.  I had to "crash paint" this piece, so I could continue to keep to my Fortnight Challenge pledge.

(And I don't mention my Mother for a "sympathy vote" - I just wanted folks to know that it's something serious that is keeping me from participating in the Challenge as much as I would like to be, rather than me just skiving off and not getting painting done)

This should be a great Fortnight Challenge!  I look forward to what everyone else presents!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Too late for the Round, but at least I got SOMETHING posted.

  2. How funny! Great entry. All the best with the road ahead with ya mum.
    cheers mate