Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from SteH - 'Matilda'

I expect there are other challenge participants who will have interpreted this category in a lot more creative ways than I have however my submission is part of my ongoing interest in the North Africa theatre of World War Two. 

Firstly we have five Zvezda 1/100 Mathilda II tanks painted in a very generic sand colour scheme, I would have tried out the caunter scheme however my eyes aren't that good anymore. Also I've completed a little air support in the form of 1/144 Revell Hurricane, not a bad model just a little soft on detail. I think I may have been a little heavy on the black lining but I quite like the contrast it brings to the models.

Now I need to complete the other five Mathilda's to complete my small armoured company.



  1. Very, very nice. I was very close to doing 3 Grants in a scheme like this. Excellent bunch of tanks and a very nice Hurricane to create havoc in the hot sands. cheers

  2. Very tidy set of tanks and nice plane too, bet it gets hot in that cockpit too in the desert?

  3. Ahhhh... My favourite tank of all time and wonderfully painted. Nice one Ste!