Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from MilesR - 'Wasp Flamethrower'

Below, please find a few shots of my submission for the “Hot” Fortnight Challenge. I went with a simple theme of a Wasp flamethrower - what could be hotter than a flamethrower

The model is a 28mm resin kit from Warlord with metal “figures” (combined they don’t really add up to a full 28mm infantry fig so no additional points for them. Bren Carriers were produced by the British, US, Canadians and even Italians throughout the war. About 1,000 Wasp version were manufactured and these employed what was essentially an standard man packed flame thrower with extend fuel tanks (100 gallons).

Bren Carriers are fun little vehicles to build and there were many, many variations so expect to see a few more before this challenge is completed!


  1. Awesome flames of doom. I have a soft spot for this nippy little spray machine. Nice job. cheers

  2. Nice little lighter ! ;-)
    Excellent work, Miles.

  3. Nice and crisp (get it crisp?)

    I love the wasp as it scares the other guy in a game