Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from JamesR - 'Hot Tempered Uruk-hai'


In case any of you didn't notice, this week we're voting for the worst entries in the survey.  So feel free to break my vote free streak.

Digging desperately through my unpainted mountain of army men, the best "hot" thing I could find was guys with torches.  One was missing a torch, so I'm armed him as best I could.  They are the plastic Uruk berserkers that came with the Uruk siege box set.

Here are three metal Uruk berserkers.  The only thing "hot" is their temper.  You can't tell in the pics, but I gave the guys veins.  I put on varnish, then spray on clear matte, before the varnish is quite dry.  The matte drys quicker than the varnish and pulls it into small spidery ridges that quite resemble scars or veins on rippling muscles.  Only try this on nude or nearly nude models as you may ruin clothing and armor.

Here they are all together, about to realize their weapons are useless versus thick stone walls, "Run away!".

A spot of gardening.

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  1. Those hot tempered dudes really hate Veges by the looks. Great work on these classic crazed Orcs. I like them. cheers

  2. Did I miss something...? Is there a side-theme of GW's "Lord of the Rings"...? Nice work James - they look really good! (, where did I put my Lord of the Rings figures...? )