Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from IannickM - 'Thief of Hearts'

When Curt announced the bonus theme rounds, I immediately thought that the "hot" round, considering the high number of men in this hobby, would probably have a substantial number of "hot babes" entries. Yeah, I know, how very original...Obviously you'd supposed knowing that, I'd find something different to paint.'d be wrong! I indeed decided to go with a hot babe, and what is hotter than a pin-up? Well, how about an angel pin-up?

The figure, "Thief of Hearts Pin Up", is from Dark Sword Miniatures, whch is rapidly becoming one of my favourite manufacturer of fantasy miniatures. It is a very detailed and delicate sculpt, which made it a bit harder to paint and is very different from what I usually do. However it gave me an excuse to use pink, a colour I really enjoy painting. It's also the first time I got to paint women's panties! 

Obviously this figure will not find its way on my gaming table any time soon, but its another one of those pieces I *never* would have painted if not for the Analogue hobby. And I do enjoy getting out of my comfort zone from time to time. So thanks Curt for that.


  1. Amazing colours. Works really well. It is indeed good to be challenged to do something that is out of the normal range. Really good work. cheers

  2. Very brave to use so much yellow and pink but excellently pulled off


  3. She's adorable! You managed to make her sexy and maintain a cute innocence with the palette you chose. Well done!