Sunday, February 22, 2015

'Comedic' from Teemu - 'The Three Hunters'

The Three Hunters, Mighty Aragorn, Heroic Legolas and comic sidekick Gimli. We all can thank(?) Peter Jackson for presenting us this humorous character, and I thank him for giving me an opportunity to participate in this bonus round.

These three are 28mm GW metal models from the Lord of the Rings range, "Ambush at Amon Hen" boxed set to be exact. The main character of this entry is of course Gimli, who turned out pretty good. Legolas is quite fine, but the hair and eyes are not perfect. Aragorn looks quite dull in almost all brown, I tried to add different tones, but I don't know how well that can be seen. I wanted them to have the similar colors as my previous characters (see the last photo), but trying to paint them little bit better. That's why Aragorn is so brown, the earlier Aragorns I have painted have green coats over brown, and this poor fellow doesn't have a coat... Legolas and Gimli are wearing Elven cloaks, that should give me some possibilities for variation gaming wise.

They were all quite nice to paint, I bought them second hand so I needed to remove the old paint first. The bases are my basic LotR bases, sand, Snakebite Leather and Reikland Fleshshade.

The last picture shows the three characters with their previous incarnations. The colors are pretty much the same, but painting itself has evolved a little over the years, I think. I tried to do the eyes differently, but failed and returned to lunatic look. It looks even worse in the close-up photos than in real life.

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