Sunday, January 8, 2017

'Armour' form AndrewB: 31st Century Armored Conflict

On Telos IV, MechWarrior Jackson Adair carefully scanned the war torn ruined city for any signs of a Kuritan ambush.  As the vanguard unit for his lance, he stepped his 50 ton Enforcer forward through the rubble, looking for resistance fighters. 

As part of the Davion offensive into Kurita space during what would come to be called the War of 3039, the 22nd Avalon Hussars had quickly captured the world of Telos IV.  However, even after a halt to formal military operations had been declared, the Davion occupiers were surprised by the amount of guerilla resistance offered up by the planet's population. 

Then, the Kuritan relief force arrived.  When the 2nd Benjamin Regulars made planetfall, the battle for Telos IV really began in earnest. 

Battletech, a Game of Armored Combat, Fourth Edition was my introduction to the world of miniatures some twenty plus years ago.  So, it seems fitting that a Battlemech should be my first entry for the first theme bonus round: armor. 

This is the first Davion mech I have painted for a Davion v. Kurita skirmish that I am putting together to play with my sons and solitaire.  The new Alpha Strike rules released a couple of years ago have helped rekindle my interest in Battletech as a game.  My interest in the Battletech fiction never really went away. 

Shown here with a 6mm truck (unpainted) to get a sense of scale and perspective.  This shows you just how big Battlemechs are in the fictional Battletech universe.

The white numerals are decals, but the yellow caution stripes are hand painted.  I also painted on some rust, dirt, and other damage on the lower legs.  I'm pleased with how those turned out.

More rust, dirt, and yellow caution stripes visible on the rear.  Thanks for looking!

I'm not sure how to score this.  Battletech is 6mm scale, but the Battlemechs, like this one, are giant walking tanks, taller than most 6mm buildings.  Battlemechs are close to twice the height of my 28mm LOTR figures.  So, perhaps they should be scored like 54mm figures?  I will happily defer to whatever ruling the judges come up with.  I included an unpainted 6mm GHQ truck in these photos for comparison purposes.

I'm happy with how this Enforcer turned out.  The basing is something new that I am trying.  I also hand painted the yellow caution stripes above the weapons and jump jets on the back.  I'm happy with how those turned out, too. I was also experimenting with some rust and dirt effects on the legs, especially in back.  That was a fun experiment, but I'm going to continue to tinker with how to do effective weathering.

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  1. It is nice to read that you are going back to your gaming roots and introducing your sons to the game. Great Mech!

  2. Nice to see Mechwarrior getting some attention. Good job Andrew!

  3. Nice on Andrew. I have fond memories of Battletech. I occasionally get he urge to try it again.

  4. You really get a sense of scale with the truck!

    1. Yes. Indeed. It makes the mechs more fun. I need to get some vehicles and 6mm buildings painted up for Alpha Strike.

  5. Yaay! Battletech. Looks great mate. cheers

  6. Good to see Battletech getting some love


  7. Nice one Andrew, I have both Kurita and Davion units and would love to cross PPC's with you one day ;-)

  8. I love Battletech. Put me down for also (with many others LIKING Mechs.

  9. Oh my goodness he's so clanky! I like the understated markings, they add a lot.

  10. Thanks, everybody! If anyone makes it to Wisconsin or Chicago and wants to fight it out with giant, stompy robots, then just let me know.

  11. Great looking figure - something I've always had a passing interest in but have never played.

  12. He looks nice and stompy, Andrew! I like the sense of scale with the truck ( which is a beast too)
    The insignia and caution stripes are almost lost which is perfect considering the distance the old mk1 eyeball would be from that beast in real world! ;)