Sunday, January 22, 2017

'East' from RodF: The Hard Choice

A group of scientists under the employ of the Saito-Federov Corporation are currently on the surface of Oizys performing a geological survey.  They are heading South in a company grav hauler to a series of survey sites around a very large canyon.

Cruising along...

At the edge of the canyon, the scientists get out of the vehicle to stretch their legs and have a look at the canyon.  They also need to decide which survey site they will visit next.

The discussion begins.

Dr. William Hurst:  "Well, site T-2-A is closest in distance due East, but the terrain is pretty rough so it will take us about two hours longer than it would to go to T-3-B which is straight West."

Dr. Debra Stanton: "That sounds more appealing to me.  Maybe the shuttle's maintenance will be done by then and it can lift us to the other sites."

Dr. Victor Johnson:  "The satellite team shows the movement of some hazardous bios that will be in our path if we go West.  I know its a faster trip, but may not be worth the risk right now. These are very large worms that are known to be aggressive."

Satellite Image of Adults.

Dr. Pam Talley:  "Oh don't tell me..."
Dr. Victor Johnson:  "And the larvae have a very phallic appearance.  Locals have taken to calling them P-Worms.  They will attack just about anything that moves."

Satellite Image of Larvae and protector.

Dr. Pam Talley:  "P-Worms.  Just our luck.  The whole thing would be captured on satellite too."

Each team member imagines the attack.
Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Ok, let's vote then.  East or West?  I vote East."

Dr. Pam Talley:  "East.  I don't won't to be remembered in a company dispatch as the team that was eaten by a very large..."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Willy?"

Dr. William Hurst:  "Definitely East.  I have no desire to tangle with a huge worm that looks like a..."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Johnson?"

Dr. Victor Johnson:  "I vote East."

Dr. Debra Stanton:  "Alright, that's four votes for East.  Let's mount up and get out of here."

And so the team headed East.

13 - 28mm Worms from Excalibur Miniatures
4 - 15mm figures from Ground Zero Games
1 - 15mm vehicle from Darkest Star Games

The cargo in the back of the Grav Hauler was made out of plasticard, random bits of wire and plastic, and some green stuff.


  1. Nice work on the whole Austin Powers pastiche, huge Rod

    -ent problem!

    The figs and especially the vehicle have a nice retro-futuristic vibe about them. Well done!

    1. Thanks Evan. Yeah, I'm trying to gear my sci-fi to a more "Firefly" type setting.

  2. A good entry and story, great work!

  3. Very creative and humorous entry. Really made me smile. I could see the dialogue as being out of a Dr. Who episode, almost.

  4. Really smart entry - lovely painting, and a great blog back-story to boot. Top work, Sir!

  5. Grand entry, Rod! East it is! ;)
    All around great entry, but l really like the vick!
    She looks well used and had that great fifty's, flash gordon, scifi look!
    Beautifully done!

    1. Thank you. I do like this less "advanced" sci-fi look. :)