Sunday, January 8, 2017

'Armour' from StephenS: Carthaginian Veterans

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

So the Romans were probably very chuffed to see that the Carthaginian army after the battles of Trebia and Lake Trasimene was wearing so much Roman armour that they were allegedly mistaken for Roman troops. They just would have probably preferred it hadn't been stripped from dead and fleeing Roman legionaries...

I present 9 Carthaginian Veterans equipped from the spoils of war with Roman armour and shields (re-painted of course). The miniatures are all 28 mm plastic Victrix models and the transfers on the shields are from Little Big Men Studios.

These are reinforcements for my Carthaginian army which, unfortunately, is yet to replicate the success of their real-life counterparts. Still, that is the beauty of toy soldiers, you get to keep trying!




  1. Always like a good unit of Carthaginians - keep at it, you'll get some wins against the Romans!

    1. Yes indeed - here's to your inevitable Victory over Alan's Republican Legions Steve!

  2. Neat idea for an entry. Well done.

  3. Lovely detail on these, love how coherent the unit looks but that the individuals are all slightly different. Great job!

  4. Great looking unit, a definite fave. The shields are great, I can never get transfers to work so am jealous.

  5. I do like their battleworn look!

  6. What a wonderful looking unit! I especially like their shields. Great job!