Sunday, January 22, 2017

'East' from JezT: Mounted Warrior Monks

Hi All

As my projects included a Samurai theme it seemed silly not to get an entry in under the EAST theme. These are a base of "The Assault Group" Warrior Monks designed to be used for Impetus  ......... with the nasty naginta's. Not sure how practically these could be used on horseback. I kept the monks cowl very pure and white for contrast (as well not being very good at blending in pure white). In Osprey pictures the naginta shaft is often shown as black but I preferred a contrast with a more natural wood look.

Can't take any credit for the setting terrain - got this all cheap as a job lot from a friend who had built it all for Ronin but wanted to sell up - lucky me!

One nightmare when painting was I dropped the left hand figure and the blade snapped off - much cursing when having to try and super glue this back on.



  1. Nice work, Jez! Don't worry, the damaged naginata doesn't show!

  2. Great stuff indeed and such nice scenery too!

  3. I like them. With the white cowls they kinda remind me of Catholic nuns on horseback with swords, which would be an awesome line of minis in their own right!
    Assault Group make nice toys, yours look good.

  4. Nice work, Jez! They contrast well with the horse furniture! I can't seem to see where the figure beoke, so good repair too!

  5. Very nice, Jez. I did one of the foot versions of these figures a few years ago and I found them to be great to work on. I really like these mounted variants.