Sunday, January 8, 2017

'Armour' from MichaelP: Early WWII German Recce

My entry consists of three 15mm German plastic kits from Zvesda:  two Panzer 38s and one SdKfz 222 armoured car.

While I have a decent 15mm late war German force, I have wanted an early war one to go against a large Russian army I acquired last year.  So, these guys are done in an early war paint scheme: Vallejo German Grey with a wash of Citadel black, some highlighting and weathering and a light drybrush of a craft store tan acrylic to suggest the dust of a Russian summer.

The turret numbers are by Dom's Decals and the crosses are from a FoW decal sheet.   The bases are artisanal hand-crafted MDF with my own special family recipe for flocking.

Zsveda models are reasonably cheap and mix well with the usual 15mm suspects such as Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Co.   They practically snap together.  For these Pz38s, the track and bogey assemblies are all one piece, so it's a breeze to assemble them.  However, some might say they suffer from a want of detail, as they are very simple models.  At least they are simple to paint.

Three 15mm vehicles at 6 points each gives me 18 points plus the Bonus Round bonus, I believe.

Looking forward to seeing what others have done!

Blessings to your armour!


  1. Such a fan of single piece running gear/ tracks. Nice work, Padre!

  2. Very nice. I've always like the look of the 222 AC.

  3. Early war armour is my favourite type of armour! Excellent stuff.

  4. Now where's Leftenant Grüber? His little tankie is here so where is he?

  5. I've always liked these early war light tank designs. They are often a little whacky or over-designed for their function but they have such character. The 222 has always been one of my favourites.

  6. Grand work on the armor, Padre!
    I like the dark look and the red lettering. Nice little recce unit!