Sunday, January 8, 2017

'Armour' from BillA: Hochmeister and Army Standard

First of all, forgive me my typos - the cat is on me as I type this, and won't be dissuaded by threats nor bribes.

I've recently joined a wargaming club that focuses on Warhammer Ancient Battles, the now-unsupported version of Games Workshop's famed (and now equally-unsupported) game of fantasy battles.  As such, I've begun building an army of Teutonic Knights for the game - I figured an army of heavy cavalry would result in fewer models to have to paint, plus the Teutonic Order had easy heraldry to paint - black cross on white surcoat or shield, who could ask for simpler?

So here are the first two models from that army, my general - the Order's Hochmeister, or High Master, armed with a lance and astride a warhorse, and the Army Standard Bearer.  With these two among the ranks, I needn't worry about morale failure!

These were made from the Fireforge Games' Teutonic Knights plastic boxed set; each box makes 12 knights, and my two units of Knights both number 10, so I had some extras to play around with.

Here are a few more shots of the Hochmeister, including the freehand on his shield - the most elaborate freehand I'm going to do for this army, I think! I must have redone that eagle four or five times!

I realized as I was painting these figures that these are the first cavalry I've ever painted as well.  How about that.  Anyways, here's a few more shots of the Standard Bearer, whose lance needs a touch-up now that I see it in pictures.  Funny how things get past the naked eye but not the camera...

Bases are done with Army Painter brand medium brown grit, winter grass tufts and Army Painter snow effects.

So that's two heavily-armored knights down, another 34 Brother Knights to go, plus Livonian allies...


  1. Great job, this is going to be a nice army. I like the fact that playing an "old" rule set still inspires you to build a new army.

  2. Warhammer Fantasy is dead! Long live Warhammer Fantasy!

    Great job Bill. I really like the snow groundwork.

  3. I like the splash of colour!

  4. Very cool - dressed for a knight out on the ice!

  5. Great work and love the freehands!

  6. They look grand. Your freehand efforts paid off well. They both must do a lot of arm days in the Order's gymn to be able to hold that lumber aloft!

  7. Great looking models, very active poses!

  8. Very fine work on the Templars, Bill!
    The Fireforge sets are getting harder to resist with each challenge. These fellows are not making it any easier! ;)