Sunday, January 22, 2017

'East' from MilesR: Team Yankee Soviets

 My submission for the East theme is a Soviet Armored group from Team Yankee - the newest addition to the Flame of War line from Battlefront.  Originally there was supposed to be some infantry with this group but I just couldn't get them done.  Outside of the SAM tanks, everything is a plastic model and I must say I am impressed with Battlefront's plastic mold making skills - superb models and a lot of junto paint up.

 First up are 14 T-72 MBT's - the heart and soul of any potential Soviet thrust across Central Europe
 5 BMP's and 2 Sa-13 Gophers Sam units.  I've got another 5 BMP's and a bunch of Soviet infantry primed up but just couldn't get them done in time.

1 of the BMP's in modeled as a BMP1 - just for fun.

Lastly a pair of Hinds gunships - these are big aircraft!
I really had a lot of fun with these models, which is saying something because while I like to game in 15mm, I usually prefer painting 28's - not so with the New Battlefront line.

Ah yes, lets us turn to the sordid world of points - 14 T-72's plus 5 BMPs plus 2 SA-13's and finally 2 Hinds is 23 vehicles.  That value times 6 equals 11,431 points.  Thats a tidy little haul.

Oops, I forgot to carry the 3 - lets see its, oh my, just a paltry 138 points for the minis.

Three guesses on what I might be doing for my "West" Challenge...


  1. Nice entry Miles - 3rd Shock Army eat your heart out! Enough to give NATO serious pause and hope that REFORGER gets them some reinforcements before these guys refill their canteens from the Rhine!

  2. That's pretty damned impressive, Miles!

  3. Cool. That's a stack of commie heavy metal. cheers

  4. Well done Miles. We have been having a great time playing "Team Yankee" with our group, and I hope you find the same enjoyment with this bunch of armour.

  5. I hope NATO can bug out in time to get into position and stop these guys, they look tough. Well done.

  6. Wow, your productivity and quality always amazes me, Miles. Hat's off!

  7. WOOAAAAHHH Comrade.... Lenin would be proud of this mighty array to smite the evil capitalist enemies of the working classes. Fantastic, Rhine-crunching work, Miles! We'll be seeing them in Paris in 48 hours time...

  8. A whole mess of soviet iron horses!
    They look wonderful, but I really like the hinds!