Sunday, January 22, 2017

'East' from RayR: The Guvna

Sorry chaps I've gone a bit leftfield for my "East" Bonus round. 
What are you trying to do to me Curt, these bonus rounds are a nightmare?? 
Unfortunately for me I have no Russian artillery or tanks for WWII, I have no Soviet Monkeys either, in fact I've nothing Russian at all in my collection ( ok, I lied I have got a few Dark Age Rus figures)
So.....I searched and found this fine fellow! 

John Easton (1624–1705) was a political leader in the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, devoting decades to public service before eventually becoming governor of the colony. Born in Hampshire, England, he sailed to New England with his widowed father and older brother, settling in Ipswich and Newbury in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. As a supporter of the dissident ministers John Wheelwright and Anne Hutchinson during the Antinomian Controversy, his father was exiled, and settled in Portsmouth on Aquidneck Island (later called Rhode Island) with many other Hutchinson supporters. Here there was discord among the leaders of the settlement, and his father followed William Coddington to the south end of the island where they established the town of Newport. The younger Easton remained in Newport the remainder of his life, where he became involved in civil affairs before the age of 30.

Ultimately serving more than four decades in the public service of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Easton began as an Attorney General for the island towns of Portsmouth and Newport, soon fulfilling the same role for the entire colony. To this line of service he added positions as Commissioner, Deputy, and Assistant, for many years serving simultaneously in multiple roles. In 1674 he was elected to the office of deputy governor of the colony, serving for two years, with a part of his tenure being during King Philip's War, about which he published a written treatise.

Easton was replaced in 1676 during King Philip's War with the militarily experienced John Cranston. In 1675 he wrote an account of the Indian war entitled, "A True Relation of what I know & of Reports & my Understanding concerning the Beginning & Progress of the War now between the English and the Indians." The following year he was a member of a Court Martial at Newport for the trial of certain Indians charged with complicity in King Philip's designs.

Following the overthrow of the Edmund Andros governorship under the Dominion of New England, Easton was elected as governor of the colony for five consecutive years. While in office his biggest concerns were funding the ongoing war that England was fighting with France, and dealing with the disruptive French privateers. Other issues during his tenure included a smallpox epidemic in Newport, charter issues having to do with Rhode Island's militia serving in other colonies, and the ongoing border line disputes with the neighboring colonies.

I can't remember who makes this figure, all I know is I bought him on ebay 
and he's from a Pirate range? 


  1. Having just lived in Newport Rhode Island and looked into King Phillip's War in some detail, I loudly applaud your choice of character! Nice fig Ray

  2. Governor Easton, known to his mates as 'East'. As good an interpretation of the theme as any!
    ; )
    Very nice work, Ray, and congrats on thinking outside the box!

  3. Nice interpretation of East! Lovely figure.
    Best Iain

  4. A clever interpretation Ray and nicely done Sir.

  5. He looks great Ray and will fit right into your collection!


  6. Great work Ray.

    And yes, Curt is out to torture us with these bonus rounds...

    1. Certainly is, next year he needs to more precise.....NYW Horse, NYW Foot, NYW Artillery, maybe some Arabs??

    2. Ray, I figured with your growing horde of American Indians you'd want Huron, Mohawk, etc...

  7. A nice twist on the theme and a lovely figure too! Great work!

  8. Very nice Ray. He does look the part.

  9. A perfect interpretation of 'East' - he looks perfect, Ray!

  10. Nice work, Ray! A spitting image of a Colonial Power Broker too! Easton on the East Coast, and no doubt lived through a couple of Nor'easters too! ;)
    I note he has a suitably fancy Puritan black as well!

  11. You found a way to do the East theme very well!