Sunday, January 22, 2017

'East' from IsobelS: Russians on the High Seas

Hello again everyone! Although I said my next submission would be some Napoleonics, I thought I should try to make an entry for this theme round "East". So, I present to you a small portion of a Dystopian Wars fleet from the Russian Coalition. I figured that Russia was in Eastern Europe and that would be enough to legitimize these cute little guys as East.

These guys having been causing me a few headaches in their painting. Firstly, I had wanted to do them up for the "Armour" theme round (as they have the special rule "ablative armour" in Dystopian Wars), however, I didn't get around to finishing them this time. There are also four larger ships that I also hoped to submit this time around but they have been a plentiful source of frustration in their painting and thus do not make the cut this submission either. Hopefully, I'll get around to finishing them later in the challenge.

Anyways, let's meet the gang.

 We promise that we're not just rubber dingies!

First up there's these 10 little Doughnuts of Doom, the Novgorods. These guys measure 3cm in diameter and stand 1.5cm from bough to the top of smoke stack. To paint them, I first undercoated in White with the Army Painter Primer, painted the decks with Vallejo Ochre Yellow, painted the small buildings with Army Painter Leather Brown, painted to smoke stacks with a 50/50 mix of Army Painter Black and Game Colour Gunmetal, painted the mortars (the spiky bits in the middle) Army Painter Dragon Blood Red, painted the main turrets and other finishings with the Game Colour Gunmetal, and then painted all the pipes and some other finishing in Vallejo Old Gold. I then washed everything down with Citadel Seraphim Sepia wash and picked out the details Citadel Nuln Oil. I then dry brushed each individual bit with their base colour.

With me so far? Ok so next up is the Saransk Medium Bombers.

Not sure how the physics works on these ones

These 2 airships measure 3.5cm long and just under 2cm tall. They also painted up surprisingly quickly, which is always nice. The paint them, I first undercoated with Army Painter Platemail Primer, I then painted the windows in a 50/50 mix of Game Colour Imperial Blue and Game Colour Magic blue and then highlighted with a pure Magic Blue, and then I picked out all the pipes with the Vallejo Old Gold. I then got a little bit fancy and water down some Game Colour Green Ink and did a sparring wash of the armoured cap on the front to try and give it a bit of a used oily feel. I then washed it all down with Citadel Nuln Oil. After this, I gave the armour cap a little bit of extra love by dry brushing with Army Painter Platemail, and then with Citadel Necron Compound around the more prominent parts.

Now last, and most definitely least, The Russian Tiny Flyers.

How can they possibly be deadly when they're so cute?

There are 10 of these little tiles, each one measuring 2cm by 2cm. To paint these guys, I first undercoated with Army Painter Platemail Primer, then I began by painting the sky/ocean, as well as the cockpits, with a 50/50 mix of Game Colour Imperial Blue and Game Colour Magic Blue and then highlighting/dry brushing with just Magic Blue, then I painted the tips of the wings with Army Painter Dragon Blood Red, I neatened up the border with some Army Painter Platemail, and then very lightly washed the Flyers and the borders with Citadel Nuln Oil.

And that my submission for "East". Not sure what the point values will end up being, but I'm just glad to have them finished. I'll keep working on the Napoleonics and hopefully have them ready in the not too distant future. Until then, have fun painting everyone!


  1. Some excellent steampunky goodness there for the aficionados!

  2. Excellent. Great to see some victorian Sci-fi. cheers

  3. I have just quit doing DW but seeing these great models almost makes me regret that decision. ..

  4. each of these are little gems, with very subtle colour and sharing. Well done. The Novgorod's are quite historical as they call to mind Czarist Russia's experiments with circular pre-dreadnought ironclads in the late 1800s.

  5. mmmm...dougnuts....

    Very nice painting, excellent work.

  6. Great work, Isobel. I particularly like the metal and details on the medium bomber-thingys. :)

  7. Those are very sharp, Isobel! I do like the Saransk bombers, but the others are not lacking. Fine detail on them all!
    I hope we will see the ships before the challenge ends!

  8. Great work, Isobel. I love the quirky, pre-dreadnought-y, quintessentially Russian look of these. You've done a fantastic job of them!

  9. Great painting on these tiny models!