Sunday, January 22, 2017

'East' from from JamesM: Microscale Cold War

Hi Folks,

I was a little stuck on this one, not having a great breadth of models to draw on due to my fairly focused collecting. The options were Full Thrust ESU ships or 6mm Soviets. I went with the 6mm Soviets as the ships were in the garage and it's cold...

The following vehicles are from my embryonic 6mm Team Yankee force - no doubt they will see action in other rule sets as well. Sticking with my current 'Gunuary' theme (the real reason I went for painting the tanks rather than the space ships), I opted to paint some of the 'supporting arms'. In this case self propelled artillery, anti-air artillery and Recce (one of which will be the OP for the arty as well).

These models are all GHQ and I went for a rather simple paint job of all green. I did use the 'official' Team Yankee 'Soviet Green' (which I think it Vallejo Russian Uniform Green). The pictures came our rather dark, so I messed with the contrast on the pics, meaning the paint job looks a little flat. The radio antenna took a small amount of work, but an old toothbrush used for cleaning models gave up some bristles for the task.

First up, the queen of the battlefield - 5 x GHQ 2S1 Carnation SP Howitzers

Then 5 x GHQ SA-13 Gopher SAM vehicles

Then 5 x GHQ ZSU-23-4 Shilka SP AAA

And lastly 5 x GHQ BMP2's - OP vehicles has 2 radio antenna.

In addition to these 6mm models, I finished off some 3mm attack helicopters I have had sitting around as part of my 3mm Team Yankee project. I actually only painted 6 of them from scratch, 2 of the Hinds were painted previously and only finished off with this batch so don't count. I decided to not do the 'plastic disk' rotor blades for these guys, at 3mm that sort of stuff can be left to the imagination! For scale, each of the helicopters is the same size as a 15mm soldier.

6 x 3mm 'Tumbling Dice' modern attack helicopters

Comprising of 4 Cobra Gunships:

And 2 Hinds - The front two were painted in this challenge, the back two were only finished off so don't count!

That brings the total for this entry to 20 x 6mm vehicles and 6 x 3mm aircraft!


  1. Very cool, but particularly love the 3mm stuff.

  2. Tiny, tiny armies! Very impressive!

  3. Excellent mini tanks and choppers. Great stuff. Cheers

  4. Very nice. Did a lot of this back in the day, but the toys weren't as nice. Love the choppers.

  5. Flat he sez?!
    They look fine,James! Superb when you consider the scales!

  6. Always good to have a cold war game and these will improve any cold war game.

  7. Awesome 3mm-ness, Comrade! I am sure that these sons of the Soviet soil will not be stopping until they reach Brussels for lunch! Exemplary painting, tovarich!