Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from AdamC: Frostgrave Home

 Frostgrave is a rather nasty, cold bleak location with lots of dangerous things, rund crawling and even flying around, who would want to live there?   The answer is Wizards seeking to retrieve its treasures and secrets

Due to its isolated location most enterprising wizards seek out a location with in the environs of the ruined city that is still relatively intact to make a "home" for themselves and their war band.  Each Type gives certain advantages. 

 Mine is a forlorn and some what dilapidated tower built form card board cylinders I got from a cooking set we got for our wedding.  They stacked nicely.  The exterior is covered with that plastic cobble stone matting you find in craft stores around Christmas repainted gray.

The door to the tower was broken by looters long ago the War band has replaced it with a wind brake of canvas weighted at the bottom with some savaged lumber.

The roof has a bit of snow clinging to it I wish I had the time to experiment with some making some icicles but was worried bout ruining it as I have never attempted something like that.

With a tower the wizard gets a bonus on certain spells because he can get up high for a better view of the night sky.

I'm rather proud of this detail the war band has use some salvaged boards and canvas to make the second story secure. (do you know how hard it is to sew in 28mm scale?) The result isn't a tight seal but they are soldier explorers not builders. The canvas has a small viewing hole for someone to keep watch or potentially shoot out of.  I should probably add some windows to the tower at some point.  I only realized the lack as I was taking pictures.

The inside is has been left undecorated to facilitate placement of miniatures when this structure makes on board appearances.   All and all I'm fairly pleased with this project I think I may tinker with it some more going forward.


  1. Love a bit of home made DIY, nicely done Adam

  2. More Frostgrave! Yay!

    Well done, Adam!

  3. A fine piece of work Adam , well done

  4. I love this because it is scratch built and very creatively done. The burlap patching and the snow effects really add a lot.
    In the one time I played Frostgrave, towers were very important pieces of terrain, mostly for characters to fall off of.

    1. Thanks, beware of the wizard whith the push spell

  5. Nice tower, I could do with one of those too.
    Best Iain

  6. Very nice bit of scratch-building here. Well done!

  7. A Great tower for a frostgrave wizard.

  8. Thank you all for the compliments. I hope you are all considering casting a vote for me.

  9. Extra points for scratch built efforts! Great entry

  10. Cracking work Adam. I really lie the rough-tiled roof.