Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from LeeH: Roman Farmstead

As soon as I saw the list of bonus rounds I knew what I was going to do for the 'Home' round. I already had these models but hadn't got round to painting them before the Challenge commenced.

Here we have a modest farm house overlooking a large grain barn and stables. The landowner and his family look on as the foreman directs the farms slaves about their daily business. Men carry sacks of grain from the barn on their way to the stables. Women carry out other chores gathering items for food and heading out to tend the fields.

These models are all by Leven Miniatures and are cast in very good quality resin with virtually no blemishes or bubbles. They therefore needed very little preparation except for a quick clean prior to priming. Unlike some resin this material doesn't soak up the paint so they are pretty easy to work on. The casts are clean and full of crisp detail making painting very easy.

Three large buildings and twelve figures should add a few points to the bonus so I'll be looking forward to seeing how Curt score this lot.