Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from StephenS: It Smacks of Desperation...

This bonus round sparked a more philosophical note in me for some reason, and so my entry is a little more somber than is usually my style.

I present a home, alas, one that has seen the ravages of war sweep over it. Perhaps many times, judging from the different stones that have been used to patch its walls.

The young 'soldiers' defending it this time, painted as a nod to the desperate and tragic lengths people will go to to defend their homes and lands.

Moving forward, the youths will very-likely never hit the table-top, but I now have a pretty terrain piece for my games. Marching my way across the table-top to extract revenge for the ill-advised and cowardly insults to my armies, or defending my imaginary people from the dishonorable attentions of my foes (my philosophical moment seems to have passed)!

The 28 mm miniatures are part of the 'Last Levy' box set from Warlords Games. The farmhouse is also from Warlords Games. I think it came in the original 'Bolt Action' starter set, but I'm pretty sure you can buy it separately. I have never been a fan of painting terrain, but decided to try undercoating the house using a coloured spray. I can't believe I haven't made the effort to try this earlier, it was a breeze to paint up!




  1. Great job Steve - looks really good

  2. A nice looking model, very functional for table top use. Those child soldiers are very touching.

  3. Superb entry. The building is excellent but it's the volkssturm children that clinch it. It caught my breath as at first glance they looked like adult figures but its only when you look closer that you realize the oversized helmets/uniforms. Very good.