Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from ByronM: Terrorist Base

When this theme round came up I had multiple plans that popped into my head, as I love making terrain.  A few ideas were a viking long house, a sci-fi apartment, a house from Normandy, and a few others.  I even started on two of those!

The total layout is pretty big at about 22" x 14"

However, after getting sidetracked on a few other projects and taking a full weekend off painting last week to go play games with Curt, I got stuck for time.  Enter something else I needed, and that I knew would paint very simply and quickly due to having done many of them in the past.  May I present to you my middle eastern compound, used by terrorists as their home and base for their nefarious plans.

The compound is made up of three of the Middle East buildings and a set of walls that I designed last year for my MDF terrain side project (SG2creations).  There is a two story building, an L shaped building, and a garage.  I also added some extra bits like a few AC units and some extra brick sections on a roof top.

I didn't glue the gates so that I can move them opened or closed.

While they are all flat MDF laser cut wood, once assembled I coat them all with Liquitex medium to create a stucco like texture on them.  I also covered all the roof panels with sand glued on.  Once that was all dried I sprayed them with a light brown primer, then spayed the bottom half with a darker brown.  Once that was dry I coated them entirely from a high angle with a light beige.  Finally, I picked out all the brick details, the tile floors, the AC units, and the doors and window sills.

While nothing is super detailed, it is all meant to just blend in and fit with a ton of existing middle east buildings that I have already completed.  I have probably 15 buildings complete now for use my modern Spectre forces.  They can also be used in a pinch as Spanish or Mexican buildings, so will get a lot of use around here.

All of the buildings can come apart, so that you can get inside easily. I decided not to put stairs or ladders as I always find they take up way to much space to do them in any method that looks correct, and then they are way to big scale wise.


  1. That's one heck of a compound Byron - nice work :)

  2. Very impressive stuff, Byron - not thinking small!

  3. Great compound, I like the open block work on the balcony.
    Best Iain

  4. One can almost imagine James Bond assaulting it!

  5. That's a very nice bit of kit Byron.

  6. Very impressive as a "fall back" project - definitely see this being used on your war games table!

  7. Very impressive and useful model. I can just see it in the crosshairs of the live feed from a Predator drone.

  8. Nice! What I like about middle-eatern terrain is that you can basically use it for any games between Ancients and modern. That thing will have a lot of mileage I'm sure!

  9. Lovely stuff Byron. Now you need a wrecked Blackhawk next to it and you're set. :)

    1. Have one to donate? I will gladly paint it up :-)

      But yeah, need to work on some vehicles to go with it, some technicals or something parked around the area, or even some old wrecked cars (but not sure that works well, as most of them seem to drive shiny new mercs or beemers and that is at the low end!)