Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from MilesR: Blood Bowl Dugout / Carry Case

 My home terrain submission has a decidedly practical nature to it - it's a carry box and game board for Blood Bowl.  The core blood bowl game comes with a card board game status tracker that has seven components 3 ares to place off field figures to denture status (reserves, injured or Ko'd/Dead) and 4 numerical tracks (score, 1H turns, 2H turns and remaining re-rolls).  The cardboard is just "too 2D for me so I decided it would be nice to build a custom carry case / game board.

The dimensions of the box are 15 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 2.5 inches high.  All the wood used was reclaimed from other projects and milled by yours truly.

 The tracker tops fits snuggly but can be removed to store figures, dice and player cards - you can fit a whole team in there.

The dugout was made from extruded polystyrene that I cut into 1x1x1.5 inch blocks using a hot wire cutter and then glued into place.

I also made the lattice work for the trackers using a dremel band saw.  It was a little tedious but I like what came out.

 Lets look at the dugout section.  From left to right there is the reserve player area complete with a chalk band and secret play for the players to learn.

 Moving to the right we find the infirmary where injured layers are placed in the hopes of returning to the field.  You can see this blood bowl team has the very latest in medical equipment to tend its players.
 Blood Bowl is, sadly, and extremely violent sport and there are deaths.  Those unfortunate players are placed here.  Wait a minute - what is that macabre hot dog making machine doing in this room?

 Oh I see - umm former players are "recycled" so the fan can continue to enjoy their "talents".  Vertical integration at it's best

 A view of the dugout from the other side - you can see some benches for the players to sit on.  No expense was sparred outfitting this locker room.

All of the details were scratch built using wood scraps.  I'd like to say there was a lot of planning going into this project but that would not be true.  I kind of "winged-it".
 A shot looking down the doors
 Lastly some pics with figures to give you a sense of scale

 A Orc QB studying the complex passing play logic of his coach
Yum - who's hungry?

 Some "under-contraction shots - one can not have too many clamps in a workshop.  Just like miniatures!
Block cutting - I made lots and lots of 'em.

The wood was finished with a basic danish oil, which holds up well and highlights the natural color of the wood (it's mostly birch).


  1. Well done you! Great build and I am fascinated by the last photograph - is that a tabletop hot wire?

    1. Yes it is - the cutter is made by a company called Proxxon and I highly recommend it.

    2. Very nice, I've just been looking at their website; just need to persuade the school that they need to invest in one now.

    3. Rather than buying one any DT teacher with a brain could build one!

      (Re: Hot wire cutter)

  2. Brilliant work Miles and very practical :)

  3. Inspired interpretation of the theme, Miles, well played!

  4. Great looking dugout and nice picture of clamps mmm.
    Best Iain

  5. Super job Miles. One of my favorite things about Bloodbowl is seeing all the custom playing fields. The chalkboard is brilliant.

  6. Not a BB player myself but I do like to see all extras. Nice work.

  7. I'm not a BB player but this is completely awesome! I love the little details you've placed into the dugout. The chalkboard with plays drawn out, the triage/massage/coroner's area, the hilarious poster... Brilliant! You're a talented man, Mr. Miles.