Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from JamesL: Afrika Korps in the Western Desert

The Desert Afrika Korps was formed to help the Italians in the Western Desert, an area comprising Egypt and Libya , and the units assigned to the Korps performed admirably until supply lines ran out and they were forced to retreat.

These 6 chaps are the last part of a DAK force I have been painting for both Bolt Action and Chain of Command, and are Artizan figures. They are dressed in a mix of new and old uniforms, some sun faded some fresh out of the bottom of their kit bags, and painted with Vallejo paints.

I used the painting guide from Warlord games written by Bryan, a fellow Aussie and Bolt Acrion aficionado, and winner of the recent CanCon Best Painted award.  Bryan's amazing figures provide a wonderful aspiration, and I'm really happy how these chaps turned out .(although a long way from Bryan's!)

The basing was completed with Kens Legendary Tufts, which he made up specifically for me knowing I was doing DAK. The mix of tree trunks and logs with the grass and rocks adds a more natural look, and really compensates for the plain ground. I used GW technical paint Agrellan Badland. which didn't crack as much as I hoped compared to the Agrellan Earth product that is superb and graces the bases of my other figures in this army. Importantly for my gaming, these are the final 6 riflemen I needed to fully kit out a DAK platoon for Chain of Command, and will join their Perry figures Kameraden in battle with Patchs' French tomorrow evening for their first outing :-) These lads are 28mm, so 30pts plus the Bonus round I believe :-)


  1. Oooh! Afrika Korps! Love those castings, and that is fine work. Great job.

  2. Nicely done mate - love the variation in their kit, it makes them look very veteran.

  3. Great work on the figures! I like the way you took the time to paint their kit up a little differently!

  4. Some very nicely turned-out troops there, James!