Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from MichaelP: 'Home Away From Rome'

Where does the tired and weary legionnaire go at the end of the day of defending the Empire?  Like any other soldier, he wants his grub and he wants to go to ground.   Home is the field kitchen and a crowded, smelly tent with his mates.  Soldiering never really changes.

These 15mm models are from Baudea Wargames in Italy.   I purchased them for my friend Chris Stoesen, who was my giftee in two Christmas projects, the Santa Clause gift exchange run by Chris and the Secret Santa project run by Ian and Cath Willey.   Chris collects the Roman army in 15mm, and he suggested some camp scenes from Baueda.  Because my wife was quite ill in November and December, Chris kindly told me to take the time I needed.  Happily, things are better now and I was able to get them done.

I knew nothing about Baudea before I went to their website.  A very impressive range of terrain, mostly in 15mm as far as I could tell.   The tents and cooking scene items are in resin, and very cleanly cast.   The figures are metal and were a little less impressive - I have seen cleaner 15mm figures.

Cook working with a field stove, with his assistant in the background.  One thing my military career has taught me, is always be nice to cooks.

Supplies.  I have no idea what Roman rations are like so don't ask me what those green things are in the basket - little cabbages, maybe?

Officers have a drink and a chat while something delicious cooks on the fire.

Officer's and soldier's tents:

Bases are laser-cut MDF by Six Squared Studios, a Canadian company that is worth watching.  They do some nice work.

Thanks for looking.   


  1. Excellent work, Padre, you've clearly remembered that experts always focus on logistics!
    ; )

  2. And very nice they look too Mike!

  3. Nice work Michael. It does pay to be kind to the cooks :)

  4. A very useful version of the theme. Brilliant

  5. Thanks, folks. It's nice to get _some_ feedback, otherwise this Challenge business gets discouraging.

  6. Sorry to hear that you're feeling discouraged Padre. :(

    I have a bunch of the Baueda WWII stuff and agree that they are very nice little models (at least the resin I've worked with). The base with the cook and griddle is brilliant and I like that you've broken them up over several bases so you have more flexibility with how you put them on the tabletop. Great work!

    1. I got whiny there. Self pity is seldom attractive. I'm better now.