Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from RayR: Protect our Village

South West England 1685

Rebel Militia prepare to defend their village against The Earl of Feversham's rampaging troops.

The men of the village only have farm implements for weapons and have blocked off
three roads with barrels boxes and sacks.

Not sure its going to help with the Kings men armed with muskets.

But they will do their duty for King Monmouth

The Rebels have enlisted the village dogs, who will defend their masters with their lives.

So we have 12 x 25mm Rebels from Reiver Castings.
With 5 Killer Dogs from Warbases

Along with the defensive terrain.
Not sure what points I'd get for these?
3 x Large Barrels
4 x Medium Barrels
3 x Small Barrels
30 x Smaller barrels
4 x Box, Barrel & crate pieces
2 x Sack Boxes
4 x Single Sack Boxes
4 x Wooden Boxes


  1. The peasants are revolting.......... I know I can smell them from here !

  2. Clever idea Ray and nicely done Sir.

  3. Like the rebels and the crates and gear are great.
    Best Iain

  4. Very nice Ray and I need to get some some of these barrels and creates!


    1. They're very handy, and can be used for lots of purposes and periods.

  5. Top notch work Ray. I need some of those barrels and crates as well!

    1. Ainsty Casting via Col Bill's is where they can be purchased. Well that's where I bought mine anyway???

  6. Nice and useful. (Don't leave them next door or Postie will nab them)

  7. Great additions to any tabletop. Those militia/peasant figures are wonderful and you've done a terrific job on them Ray. I really want that collection of hounds!