Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from GregB: West German Marder IFV in 15mm

Marder IFV in 1/100 scale from Battlefront's "Team Yankee" range

I had high hope for this bonus round, but it was not to be this week.  Work, life etc.  So for the "West" theme round I binned my pretension to instead offer a single 15mm vehicle, a Marder infantry fighting vehicle from the West German Army in 15mm, finished very late last night.  This is a model from Battlefront's super fun "Team Yankee" game of Cold-War-gone-hot rules.

Hipsters and pedants constantly point out how "Team Yankee" is more appropriate for 6mm size figures, given the scale and range of the weapons involved in this (thankfully imaginary) conflict. And they are absolutely correct. But it doesn't change the fact that our crew in Winnipeg has had a hell of a lot of fun playing "Team Yankee" over the past few months.  The models coming out of Battlefront have been, for the most part, excellent, an incredibly complete range of figures.  And this from a guy who absolutely despises plastic models...

Count on the West Germans to have a sexy-looking IFV for their that 20mm cannon looks vicious...
The Marder is no exception, an excellent plastic kit.  You can model it with the Milan AT missile mounted on the turret, but I passed on that, preferring to have the missile teams dismount with the infantry to battle on the table.

Panzr grenadier section ready to hold back the red hordes...
In theory there would be three of these vehicles for each Panzer Grenadier platoon...but this one will have to do for now for the theme submission, while the balance of the company awaits for logistical issues to sort themselves out (meaning they will be finished post-Challenge, if at all).  Thanks everyone! And special note to Nick - you need to get started on Bundeswehr stuff - can't wait to see your brush skillz on these things! 


  1. Very nice work on the vehicle camo, Greg, well done!

  2. Really nice, I have seen these in real life, living close to the German border and you did a really great and realistic job!

  3. So I'm not the only one who had to improvise last night! I really like the camo, well done!

  4. Along with the innovative Swedish S-Tank, the Marder is my favourite Cold War AFVs. Its got a really great SciFi look to it while staying true to its German tank design 'look'. You've done it proud Greg!

  5. I've got a soft spot for Marders, nice work!

  6. Lovely work Greg! Like Paul I've always liked the very sci-fi turret on the Marder.

  7. Great looking Marder Greg and if we are talking about the same person I agree that Nick(MartinN) should get to work on his Bundeswehr having seen his marvelous work up close with his Russians!


  8. Very nice work, the vehicle and troops look good!