Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from AledC: Home on the Move

Hey everyone here goes with my terrain entry.

Having seen others do it I have taken my photography outside!

I'll admit I wasn't originally going to submit an entry for this bonus round, not really having anything to do and wanting to focus on the figures, but Paul O'G convinced me of the values of getting one done and inspired me to do it. He even went as far as getting for me this lovely tent whilst he was at CanCon because I couldn't attend at the last moment. (Thanks again mate!)

Whilst the lighting is better my skills are not :/
The tent itself is from Baueda wargames and, no surprises was really easy and quick to paint. I was not overly fond of the trim part along the bottom, unsure if it was intended to be ground or a fancy lining, I thought of trying to get rid of it but decided against it because it wasn't that much of a deal. The model was well cast with no faults, the 'door-hole'(?) was made quite thin so you would have the option of removing it with ease if you so wished.

"Oh no Ibn! Something is blotting out the sun! AAHHHH!"
I have based the tent with a bit more static grass than I would normally use, especially for my Arabs for whom it is to match, because I think that camp would probably be made somewhere closer to an oasis if possible so it should have more green.

Home done, now on to more figures and a look into the west!


  1. Small but perfectly formed, and nicely painted. The competition is tents!
    ; )

  2. That Paul O G is a scallywag convincing you to enter the bonus rounds. A home away from home to be sure.

  3. Nice work, tents are always handy.

  4. Paul's a good chap and Baueda makes nice kit. Put those things together with a nicely painted model and you have a fine entry.

  5. Baueda stuff is great and you've done this one great justice here. Ready for the tournaments!

  6. My pleasure mate - looks good!
    Nice lawn you have there too :-)