Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from EvanH: The Liche Lord's Trust For Homeless Undead

This is Stan. Stan is one of the partially deceased citizens of Felstad made homeless by catastrophic climate change.

Stan shambles aimlessly around the streets every day. with nowhere to go. He and his friends, Nick and Muuuuh, are just a few of those affected by the recent glacial retreat. They are attacked by marauding gangs of vitalist 'adventurers' who treat them as vermin. They now have no place to call their own, no safe space.

But you can help. Just two gold crowns a month will help the Lich Lord's Trust for Homeless Undead promote awareness of the plight of the partially deceased community.

Three gold crowns will help the Lich Lord's Trust for Homeless Undead fund the repurposing of a derelict mausoleum as emergency housing.

Four gold crowns will will fund the necessary magical infrastructure to maintain the unlife of  Stan and his friends.

Your generous donation of five gold crowns per month will enable the creation of safe 'undead-only' districts, where partially deceased or incorporeal citizens can unlive free from vitalist discrimination.

So please, give generously and help ensure that Stan, Nick and Muuuuh have a place to call their own. Remember, a nightmarish hell-state 'twixt life and death isn't just for Christmas, it's forever...

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog post; this project is part of my ongoing efforts to assemble an array of terrain for games of Frostgrave. This one is the Mausoleum, a crucial piece of terrain for one of the scenarios.

It was put together on a Warbases terrain base, assembled from foamcore, brick- and stone-textured card, old Mordheim and GW castle doorways, and four old wedding cake pillars which have been stashed away in the garage since last century (hoarder or hobbyist? It's a bit of a grey area).

The body and roof of the building were sized with tissue paper and PVA glue to enable a layer of filler to be applied as stucco. Patches of the wall were given brick-textured paper to double as exposed brickwork where the plaster has fallen away over the centuries.

I've tried my hand at three different marble effects for the plinth, pillars and roof, and gone for a vaguely Romano-Etruscan finish on the stuccoed walls. I've never painted marble before, and it's certainly been an education.

Architecturally, it's a bit of a hodgepodge, but I still hope that a shambling horde of undead can one day call it... Home.

That's all for now - thanks for reading!



  1. Very nice, colourful for a mausoleum - just what the fashion-conscious undead need

  2. I can't commit to a monthly donation, but I can make a one-off gift of 10 gold crowns for those poor homeless not-dead folks to have a home.

    Nice work Evan :)

  3. What a wonderful idea and a great build.

  4. Lovely colourful mausoleum, not something you get to say every day but I think works well here reminds me I've got to build one!
    Best Iain

  5. Great idea for the round Evan. Looks pretty cool, if you an class a Mausoleum as being cool???

  6. I will call it a crypt as it is easier to spell. Excellent and colourful Crypt.

  7. Very nice, I especially like the effect on the column.

  8. Lovely work Evan, and very funny. I think that with poor Stan, Nick and Muuuh being killed due to climate change you should do up a couple of fish, some crabs and perhaps some floating reeds to give the impression of the crypt being underwater. In fact, I think your marble paint effect also looks like reflected water so you'd be golden! :)

  9. It's these clever scratch built entries that I admire most. This Lich Lord's Lair Looks Likeable.

  10. This one really made me smile. Well done!

  11. Oh wow Ev this is just superb mate! Can't wait to have a game or three with this as a centrepiece. Massive props to you for a wonderful scratch build and some amazing paint effects!

  12. Thanks for all the kind words, folks!