Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from IsobelS: A Home at the End of the Line

Hello everyone! For this bonus round I chose to go for "home" terrain that was a bit morbid. The two reasons I chose these particular pieces were; 1. They were hanging around and needed to get done, and 2. I have a large collection of Undead figures that need somewhere to live. So I present my submission of a Russain style church and some grave stones to go with it.

My church and small graveyard (liquid nails and mug not included)

Unfortunately, the provenance of the church is unknown as I inherited it from AledC's Dad. I do believe though that at one stage it was a choose-your-own-parts-and-assemble job due to the different windows, and the entrance, have evidence of both super glue and liquid nails sticking them to the main body.

To paint the church I first undercoated with Army Painter Uniform Grey Spray Primer then I made a black wash from tube acrylic paints and liquefying medium and heavily wash the whole thing, putting extra washes on the roof tiles. I then painted the brown of the wood and spinneret, as well as the gold. I then dry brushed the bricks with a white tube acrylic and then roof tiles with a dark grey. After this, I painted the stain glass windows.

The resting place of my opponent's figures.

For the grave stones, I did the exact same process with the priming, dry brushing, and washing. For the base, I first sanded then painted with tube acrylic Burnt Sienna, then dry brushed with Raw Umber, and finished it off with some turf green flock. I have many more of these gravestone bases/terrain that didn't get finished in time. I intend to use them as an arrange it yourself deal so you can have as little or as much gravestone as you would like.

Picture proof that I have even more!

As I was painting up the church and gravestones for the bonus round, I also found some Japanese tombstones that I decided to paint up as well.

Even more graves!


I actually primed these guys with the Army Painter Matt Black Spray primer then heavily dry brushed them the Vallejo Neutral Grey, followed by a lighter dry brush of the Vallejo White. The basing is still the same, though these guys are on poker chips.
I actually intend on using these guys as either casualty markers or a half strength unit of ghosts for Dragon Rampant. So even though they're not going to be used as terrain, I thought that this would be the most appropriate time to submit them.

So that's it, my submission for the "home" bonus round. Next up on the painting block is a few skeletons that will serve as test subject and practice for rust and glow effects. Wish me luck!


  1. That's a really interesting church.

  2. Quite a Carpathian vibe to the whole setup, Isobel, nicely done!

  3. Great work Isobel! I quite like the dome on the church.

  4. Very nice and I like the look of the stained glass windows.

  5. Nice work
    I like the stained glass.

  6. It's a lovely looking church model that turned out really well (I wonder though if the onion dome at first belonged to another model?), and you did a cracking job on the graveyard models.