Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from Barks: Western Front Tanks

There are so many things iconic to the Western Front- one is the distinctive lozenge shape of the Mark IV tank. These are the 15mm versions by PSC, and they are lovely. Single piece, preassembled, with precisely sculpted lines and rivets.
The Mamas and the Papas

The Female version carries twin Lewis guns in each sponson.

The Male version has a 6pdr and a Lewis gun, and a deeper sponson (and a deeper voice).

But wait, there's more! Here's another tank which I have difficulty working out which is the front and which is the back, the Whippet (the front has the stripes).
Whippet good

And yet more! There were only twenty A7Vs produced,  the native German tank (see my Armour entry here), so the Germans supplemented with looted Mark IVs, AKA Beutepanzers ('booty panzer').
Shake that beute
I used Vallejo Decal Fix and Decal Medium over gloss to get the crosses to settle over the rivets, then a generous coating of Army Painter Antishine. Then I hid it all behind mud.

That makes eleven 15mm tanks! I struggle with painting vehicles, so I am very happy with this output.
With the A7Vs

The mud is Vallejo Dark Earth paste, drybrushed with US Tan Earth.

If I was really keen, I'd like to add some stowage to the British tanks to break up the uniformity a bit, as well as some nicknames (which would also help identify the Male and Female e.g. Alf Bert Cedric Doris Ethel Flora).

I really hope that PSC comes out with those wonderful French AFVs. These early tanks, with their asymmetry and lack of turrets, are really characterful.


  1. great work on them tankies, the German camo is specially lovely!

  2. Top notch little group of early Tanks there, full marks

  3. Really excellent stuff! Fantastic painting. cheers

  4. Well done Barks, the camo looks particularly good.
    Nice company to join Mephisto in action!

    1. Thanks, Paul, I'm looking forwards to an armoured clash!

  5. Very nice, especially the looted tanks! The mud effect on and around the tracks works really well.

    1. Thanks, Steve, the mud is fun to apply and you can't really do it wrong.

  6. These look great Barks and nice grimy effect!


  7. Very nice work, though I wonder about the feasibility of playing WWI since it's just so damned static!
    ; )
    Really like the German camo pattern, terrific work!