Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from RodF: A New Home of Discovery


Do you have an adventurous spirit?  Dreams of traveling to a newly discovered world and being one of its early pioneers?  Want to earn an advanced degree in leading technology fields?

This is your opportunity!

Doucet Corporation has the answer for you!  We are looking for young couples willing to live and work on remote research stations on newly discovered worlds.  You will have your own home right next to your work.  This home will have all the most modern amenities to help you feel comfortable and safe on your new world.  A new life of discovery is waiting for you and we'll provide the job, the home, and the advanced education.

This picture is our newly built research station on Oizys.  Two couples currently occupy this research station and are at work analyzing weather patterns, minerals, agriculture, and many other subjects to help prepare for colonization of this planet.

Interested in joining one of the Doucet Corporation research teams?

1) Young married couples (30-45 years of age).  No children.  [Families may be started once on location.]
2) Both must have Masters degrees.
2) Must pass physical and mental examinations.
3) Must be willing to attend school for doctoral degrees selected by Doucet Corporation [based on current research needs].
4) Must sign a 5 year contract to work on research station.  Options to continue staying at the site will be based on job performance after completion of initial contract.

Please click the "Apply" button to get further details.


Doucet Corporation is a registered corporation on 17 worlds, including Sol Prime.  Name and logos are trademarked by the Federation of Human Planets and protected by its laws.


The buildings are all 15mm and made by Brigade Models.



  1. Awesome. Sign me up. The link is not working.
    Great painted buildings. I really like them and may have to get some. cheers

    1. Thank you! I had half contemplated making the link work and go to a fake "Error" web page claiming transmission blocked to sun spot activity. But, figured that was too much work.

  2. Great looking sci fi prefabs
    Best Iain

  3. Great looking minis Rod! I like the contrasting colours of the habs. Do they denote habitation and storage? They'd also work great in an Arctic/Antarctic adventure. They kind of remind me of the base in 'The Thing'.

    1. Thanks! Yes, the blue represents housing buildings. Two homes, a garage, and some storage. The green are the work buildings. Being a company sponsored habitat, I imaged they would be in the colors of the company logo. Yes, they do have that look for artic as well :)