Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from EvanH: Three Desperados

For this round, nothing fancy or clever or witty, just three desperate Wild West characters from North Star's Dead Man's Hand range, sculpted by Steve Saleh.

I do like these sculpts. Saleh's engagingly chunky style is fun to paint, and these are great figs for any Western skirmish game.

Let's take a closer look at these desperados; an aging gunfighter, down on his luck. His shabby duster and once-snappy suit have seen better days.

A veteran of a war which convulsed a nation, forlornly clinging to a lost cause.

And a bar-room brawler whose shotgun and hatchet signal his readiness to unleash mayhem at the slightest provocation;

A bit of a change of direction for me, but a satisfying experience nonetheless. Might see about painting a few more Western figs before the Challenge is out, though my Frostgrave stuff is crying out for attention...

Stay tuned!



  1. Well done Evan. Seeing these chaps, I feel like I just lost at cards, and I need to consider my options...excellent work.

  2. Great figures, I really like the one in the duster.

  3. Nice work, you've done a great job of bringing out loads of character in these figures.

  4. Nice work Evan. I really like that old gunfighter.

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, folks!