Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from GregB: A Humble Home in Hochland

A home for Hochland!

I didn't think I would be able to make it for this theme round.  I generally loathe painting terrain of any sort, and work in particular has become extremely busy, so it has been harder to get brush time in.  On the plus side, we also leave tomorrow for our little annual trip to visit Palm Desert in California, which is awesome, but does slow down the painting.  I couldn't even find anything that might count as "home" - clever or otherwise.  As Iannick warned me, "a Titan is not a home Greg, no matter how many people it holds..." I figured I would miss this theme round.

Out of the blue, enter Byron! We were getting together for our weekly game on Thursday this week and he handed me this little gem, created with a 3-D printer or something. "I've noticed all the Warmaster stuff you have been painting," he said. "So I thought you might like this medieval home as terrain." Wow!

Nice little staircase for the back entrance

So, here is something I want to call "A Humble Home In Hochland".  It fits perfectly with my Warmaster forces, and will indeed make for a fine piece of terrain on the table when the time comes for the gaming.  The texture of the material (a resin, I think?) was a little tricky to paint in a few places, but overall it took an hour or so to paint up.

"When is the possession date?"
I don't know the details of 3-D printing/additive manufacturing or whatever the f*ck it is called.  It involves IT stuff.  I have never once contemplated this hobby and said to myself "You know, I wish I could work some computer problems into this experience," so this is not something I'm about to look into.  I can't tell you how it works. But as you have seen in this Challenge, when these really clever and creative folks get hold of technology, cool stuff can happen.  Byron is one of the cleverest hobby engineers I know.  I have no idea exactly how this was created, but Byron can tell you, I'm sure.

A wizard tries out the yard...
However the magic happens, all I know is that I think it is great!  Thanks so much Byron!  Can't wait to have this on the table for a Warmaster game later this year! 


  1. A wonderful gift! And you've done it justice!

  2. Mighty fine painting on a very nice piece of terrain! You hoth definitely have hit the ball out of the park.

  3. Lovely building and lovely painting.
    Best Iain

  4. That's a cracking building! Love it!

  5. I need a friend in Montreal with a 3D printer...

    It's a lovely piece, Greg. I find it's style and the colours you chose mesh perfectly with your Warmaster Empire army.

  6. That is a lovely blob of 3D magic. Well done Greg - I particularly like how you did the windows and shutters.

  7. Really well done. Doesn't look that humble to me, but maybe Hochland is a more affordable market than Toronto.

  8. A very nice building that has blossomed with your paint brush.