Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from RayR: John West II

John West II (1632-1689) was the son of Governor John West of Viginia and the grandson of both 
Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warr and Virginia Governor George Percy.

West served in the New Kent County Militia from 1652 to 1673, ending with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was a supporter of Governor Berkeley during Bacon's Rebellion, and appears in the list compiled by the King's Commissioners of those who suffered grievances during the uprising:

"Col. John West a person greatly impaired in his stock & goods by the Rebells, and a most constant Loyall Gentleman during the late Rebellion, and was for some time after Bacons death Imprisoned by the Rebell Partie."

West served as a member of the courts-martials which tried the rebels.

In 1659, West's father died, the last of the four sons of Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warr who came to Virginia. In recognition of the family's contributions to the colonial enterprise, the Virginia Assembly passed the following Act:
"WHEREAS the many important favours and services rendred to the countrey of Virginia by the noble family of the West, predecessors to Mr. John West, their now only survivor, claim at least that a grateful remembrance of their former merrits be still continued to their survivor, It is ordered, That the levies of the said master West and his family be remitted, and that he be exempted from payment thereof during life."

In 1685 West represented New Kent in the House of Burgesses. His will dated November 15, 1689, was probated about 1691. It was destroyed along with the other County records in a fire in 1787.

I kinda run out of time to get my "West" figure painted, I did have another idea, but failed miserably!

So back to my "East" Bonus round idea, and pinch a name from history!!
Mr West is a Wargames Foundry figure and can be used for any side really and maybe even a civilian!


  1. nice one Ray, I can't wait to see the next instalment to this saga!

  2. Nice work Ray :)

    De La Warr? They were a quite important family in the history of my hometown.

  3. Nice one Ray! Too bad we're not doing North and South so we can see what names you grab for those. :)

  4. Last minute replacement or not, I enjoyed the story and figure! I even checked out what Bacon's Rebellion was. Alas, the facts were not as delicious as I had hoped...

  5. Nice work Ray! It's seems your really enjoying time away from your 15's lately.


  6. Very nice work, Ray! I want to make a joke about Bacon's Rebellion, but that would be a rasher move than I'd like.

  7. That`s a Splendid Figure Ray.
    Historic value too.
    and Bacon & no Eggs! BB