Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from StephenS: Crusading Knight

I know, the 'West', such as it was in 1096, weren't the only team to be fielding armoured men on horseback. Indeed, they weren't even the first to launch a war of conquest in the name of religion. However, the crusading knight with his shield and tunic adorned with the emblem of his religion, is still a clear symbol of what most would consider to be the 'West' at this point in history.

The model, a 28 mm figure from Gripping Beast, is a member of a military order commonly known as the 'Knights Templar'. The noble knight will serve in my crusading forces for SAGA and Lion Rampant.

I had hoped to finish a whole unit of these guys, but a small logistical error involving empty cans of spray undercoat, meant only one was able to hit the painting table this weekend. Which turned out to be a good thing, because even with one model to paint, it was still a close run thing!




  1. Very good work, Stephen - the horse and rider are both excellently rendered!

  2. Well done Stephen! I have enjoyed seeing different crusade items in the Challenge, glad to see this as well. Excellent work.

  3. Great colours and the armour is also very good!

  4. Very nice Stephen - looking forward too seeing all your Crusaders deployed en mass at the club soon mate!

  5. Great colours mate - he looks appropriately grimy and sandy!

  6. That is a lovely looking Crusader, Stephen. I really like the yellowish linen colour you've achieved for his cloak and surtout.