Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from RodF: The Recruits

Captain Weeks looks at the 3 men before him as he runs them through some practice drills.  He will do his best to teach these new recruits as much as he can in the next week before they reach camp.  He had hoped for better numbers, but now these will have to do.

After Trenton, he was given a couple of weeks leave to head home and to take care of some family affairs.  On his return he was to travel through several counties of New Jersey to enlist more recruits.  Starting in Egg Harbor he worked his way West towards Philadelphia.  Along the way he picked up these three volunteers.  Morale was high after Trenton, but people were still more inclined to join the militia than the continental army because discipline was more lax in the state militia units.


The young man and the clerk showed promise.  The third fellow, only volunteered at the insistence of his townsfolk.  Cpt. Weeks showed concern, but the Mayor said he would do the town a great service by taking the man into the army.  No, not promising at all.  But three was better than two.  The man would have to do.

Right face!
A few more drills and then it was time to continue the march West.  Time to get these new recruits outfitted and ready to join General Washington.

About face!

4 - 54mm figures from All The Kings Men Toy Soldiers

Why 54mm?  Well about 4 years ago a bunch of us saw these figures at a convention and thought "We can do that!" and so we did.  It's not really a practical size for just every day gaming, but once or twice a year we throw together what we call the BFG (Big F**king Game) and man is it something to see!


  1. Great work Rod. Neat to see some 54mm stuff in the Challenge.

  2. I don't get to see many 54 mm figures, which is a shame, because yours look lovely painted up!

    1. Thank you Steve. With my recent purchase of Sharps Practice 2 I've had an urge to start painting them again.

  3. Very nice work, Rod, and in a bigger scale than we usually see in the Challenge!

  4. This is awesome Rod, and I love the whole idea of your BFG! Sounds like great fun.

    1. It is Curt. Last one had about 5 players each side with about 50 troops each.