Sunday, February 5, 2017

'Home' from AlexS: Our Last Home

I had difficulty with this round. I could not think of a good idea. I tried to make a fortress, but I did not like this idea. I tried to make a tent - it's a soldier's house - but this option disappointed me.

Then I made a yurt - nomad's home. But I did not like and I did not even want to paint it.

And in the end I did it. Maybe someone my post seems a little depressed. But no. We may have many apartments, a lot of houses, but the last home is likely to be that way ...


  1. How true Alex - eventually we all end up there, unless we're cremated of course :)

  2. Oh crikey, I you might take the 'downer' award of me! Nice idea

  3. Now there's a sombre thought, nicely done though.

  4. A coffin is lonely
    a coffin is sad
    destined to be
    lifes last pad!

    Sorry lyrics from D.R.I.
    Great entry. cheers

  5. Now that's a cheery thought! At least it's not an unmarked grave!
    Best Iain

  6. A very good interpretation. (If I had not done a dead body last year I was thinking this way as well.) Kudos sir.

  7. Remember that you are dust, and to dust to you will return.
    I suppose if you had an arm reaching out of the ground, the story would be ongoing ..
    I liked the yurt, too.

  8. That escalated quickly! Simple piece, but cool concept

  9. Oh....that was a tad on the dark side, but creative nonetheless.


  10. Good one Alex, but stick to the yurts - they're more cheery! ;)