Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from AlanD: The Régiment de la Reine

In the East bonus round, I offered a group of French and Hessian soldiers, far to the East of their homelands in the Retreat from Moscow in 1812. For the West round, we have more Frenchmen far from home. These are the great-grandfathers of the soldiers of 1812, fighting in North America in the 1750s.

A battalion of the Régiment de la Reine was one of a number of regular French units sent to Canada during the French Indian Wars (of Seven Years War) to help protect French interests their. The unit fought with considerable distinction, finally falling prey more to lack of replacements and supply than any inherent inferiority to their British enemies.

These figures are all from Conquest Miniatures/Warlord Games, and are part of the extended arms race currently developing between Paul O'G and me, as we each seek to outmanouevre the other in the cutthroat world of Sharp Practice 2. Witness the Indian warband he added to his Challenge output this week. My French regulars are still awaiting further reinforcements, ironically from their depot in Nottingham, but these 18 should give me 90 points.


  1. I simply love the lace on the drummer, well executed troops there!

  2. Excellent Frenchies there Alan :)

  3. Nice work Alan. That basing is top notch.

  4. I do find the fact that these fellows are a bit starved for reinforcements adds to their mystique :-)

    Well done Alan.

  5. Nicely done Sir - my new Mohawk Allies look forward to meeting these chaps on the Field of Honour!

    This arms race is indeed both hotly, and wonderfully, contested. Love the sabot bases too - I should do that for my forthcoming Redcoats.

  6. Top stuff Alan, they look absolutely lovely! But aren't you worried the white uniforms will make it even easier for Paul's troops to hit yours? ;)

    1. Can't be any easier than it was to hit my troops in the last game...

  7. Alors, c'est la guerre en dentelles!
    ; )
    Some amazing work there, Alan, top shelf!