Sunday, February 19, 2017

'West' from MilesR: Team Yankee US Forces

 My submission for the West Bonus Round is a Team Yankee US Force.  The vehicles are plastic kits that are very easy to assemble and fun to paint.

 First up - the armored might of the US force in the form of 6 M1 Abrams MBT's.

 Two supporting units - TOW armed M113's in the front and some AA support in the form of M113's with vulcan AA guns.  AA is critical in Team Yankee - without it you're pretty much done.

 A US mechanized infantry platoon with 4 Dragon teams.
Lastly some air support in the form of 2 cobra gunships and an MICV command vehicle that will be used as an objective marker.  I really enjoyed painting both the Soviet and US Team Yankee forces up and have enjoyed the game.

The submission has the following components

17 vehicles @ 6pts each = 102 points
27 inf @ 2pts each = 54 points
Total = 156 points


  1. very nice, I would like one of those Supercobras in 28mm btw!

  2. Nice work Miles. That camo looks sharp.

  3. Well done Miles. Enjoy Team Yankee!

  4. Great job Miles! ITVs ambushing from cover can be a real pain for any Soviet advance

  5. Nice work! It looks like a fun game, especially if you get to play it with figures this good!

  6. I'm really enjoying Team Yankee and looking forward to the version 4 refresh for FOW that seems to based upon it. You may see a few more 15mm items from me over the next few weeks

  7. The war that never was! Really well done, Miles, excellent work!