Sunday, January 31, 2016

'Defensive Terrain' from KyleC - 'You Call That Cover?'

So aside from the cold that has laid me out for the last week plus, but I did force myself to get some painting done. This time on a figure that I have helped produce for a talented up and coming artist from Denmark.

So here we have a mutant slave with augmented arms thanks to the heavy hitting mech hands he is sporting.

I tried to make it look like he is skirting some rubble that could have been used as a defensive barrier from the enemy while he makes his approach to get in close.

I am really happy with how he came out as this is also the first piece out of the first batch to be painted up. Feeling quite chuffed on how it came out, but will feel even better when I start to see the boxart get painted up from the sculptor himself.

I had hoped to do something more elaborate for the defensive terrain entry than this, but ran out of time due to lack of painting efforts. But I hope this comes a close second here at least.

And as far as size goes, he is quite large at 70mm tall.. giving more chances to go deeper in the piece. Something that I hope to do in a future version of this guy. Looking forward to seeing others reactions to him, and how he might do at Salute later this year where I will show him off alongside his brothers who might go to new homes :D