Sunday, January 3, 2016

'Nostalgia' from IanW - 15mm Hoplites

I am struggling with ideas for a few of the bonus rounds in the challenge but not this one. I immediately thought of one of the very first armies I ever built and the first to be fully ready to roll. That being my Later Achaemenid Persian Army for WRG 6th edition. One of my favourite units was the Hoplites, often the only troops left after a few morale tests. 

So in honour of these brave boys I have painted up another Field of Glory/Hail Caesar Hoplite unit. Back in my youth I liked to add the odd shield design that raised the odd eyebrow such as a smiley face or cafe advert! To keep this tradition going I added a little American Football reference, rather ironic as I painted this my team was lacking it!

The second rank advanced to the front. I have to admit that I have done much better shields but my eye was not really in the zone but they will manage OK. This is only the second unit of Hoplites I have painted in the last two decades.

Last pic shows the back of the figures. These are literally the old Chariot Miniature castings. I have enough for another three units and hope to get them done before the end of the challenge even though I really don't need any more units but they may come in handy if I get to play a REALLY big game.



  1. Those shields are so bright-love the colours.

    Well done sir!

  2. Hoplites were my first army. I still have em downstairs.
    Cheers PD

  3. Great looking phalanx dear sir! (oh dear what a thing to say to a guy!)

  4. WRG 6th or as I like to call it "When dinosaurs walked the earth!" I was persuaded to get an army but it was never fielded and eventually given to a friend when I went to University.

  5. Hand painted shields always get my vote!

  6. Very nice. One can never have too many hoplites.

  7. I've always liked Hoplites and these quite nice.


  8. They look really sharp, but the sheilds are aces!

  9. Those guys look like they would always pass a WRG Reaction Test! Excellent!