Saturday, January 16, 2016

'Epic Fail' from BillA - "Not Everyone Levels Up"

So funny story about this bonus round entry - I'd originally planned to paint up Reaper's "Dead Man's
image courtesy
Chest" vignette for this round, but the more I looked at it on my work station, the less secure I felt in that idea: Because the skeletons are cast as a solid piece with the chest/base, would it be considered "terrain" instead of "figures"? I didn't want to take that chance, so in the last two weeks I managed to pull together a whole new concept, order what I needed, assemble and paint.

"Not Everyone Levels Up" is a testimony to every adventurer who has died before reaching third level in D&D.  This is to every fighter who ever stumbled into a pit trap, every thief who ever had a trap blow up in their face, every magic-user unlucky enough to be fed on by stirges.

The "Charnel Grub" is a Reaper Bones figure which I'd bought months ago and has been sitting in my project box, untouched, since I got frustrated with Bones figures a few months back (soooo happy to have learned to use good paint on them!).  I thought he looked like he was bellowing in triumph, so that got me thinking about an unlucky adventurer running afoul of this classic D&D adversary.

The unlucky adventurer is an "Overlord Casualty Marker" from Reaper's "Warlord" game.  He originally had a trio of arrows embedded in his chest; I carefully glued them into their sockets and then snipped them off as close to his breastplate as I could, disguising them further with a tiny bit of white glue.

The base is a 50 x 100mm square base from Renedra, with a 50mm round base from Reaper glued over top of it (the Grub's two lowest tentacles didn't repose well, despite a couple attempts with boiling water, so I needed a ledge to put the Grub on).  The stalagmites were sculpted out of Green Stuff, which was also used to disguise the edge between the bases.  The mushroom is a prepainted "Deathcap" from the official D&D miniatures line, repainted in purple and green to provide a splash of bright color to the scene and also give it a weird, possibly-magical appearance.


  1. Haha yes very fitting! Live the slug creature

  2. Nice! I love the Dead Man's Chest as well!

  3. Oh dear, better get those dice out again and roll up another!

    That's a belter, Bill!

  4. Great work. I'm still in mourning for my host of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level AD&D characters from the early and mid-1980s, so i share your pain, Sir, I really do! Lovely work on the mushroom as well! Glad that's not in my garden, Bill!

  5. This pretty much sums up my entire role playing experience. I'm totally baffled by later generations of gamers having to select paragon paths above some crazy level. I think the highest I ever made it was 7th. Love the scene you've created. This could have worked for Nostalgia too.

    1. I'm of the generation of gamers who would be selecting paragon paths - but personally I think the old school, "your character sheet fits on an index card, you don't get a name until you've survived to third level" style of play is more fun!

    2. Actually, I think this approach should be used for parenting as well. (As you can probably tell, I don't have kids...)

  6. Well done Bill, thrilled you got this finished.

  7. ;) this is a great one! Of course, it IS usually preceeded by some variation of " Anything but a 1..." ;)
    Really good basework, very nice combo of parts and models!

  8. This turned out really well. I remember seeing the teaser WIP on this one.

    Great idea and a fantastic job!