Saturday, January 16, 2016

'Epic Fail' from MarkO - Vanguard Tramplers

Painted up for my Epic Orks, and also something that struck me as an "Epic Fail" when I saw them are these Skinner/Orc Tramplers. A fearsome mechanical clawed suit, with the Ork pilot exposed right in the centre as a perfect target!

However after painting these for this round I noticed the newer background and I saw this: 
"Their pilots are protected by personal force shields that deflect incoming weapons fire so long as their engines provide enough power.

So believe that if you will, and yes I admit in the background for Epic Orks have long had arcane Powerfield technology. But for now I'll say they just rely on Orky thick skulls and thus claim the legitimacy of my entry... ;)

These Tramplers are available from Vanguard Miniatures.