Sunday, January 3, 2016

'Nostalgia' from PaulS - Tune in next week...

This is one of the rounds that made me stop and think about what I was going to enter. I had various old Warhammer figures that would have done well for Frostgrave as well, but they didn’t push the Nostalgia theme far enough. The next bag that came out of the figure box were from Crooked Dice, aimed squarely at their skirmish game 7TV. Aha! Perfect. What could be more nostalgic than some generic goons for a game based upon nostalgia? 

The models are some of their oldest, so also kinda fit from that perspective too. It isn’t clear from the photos, but they could do with a resculpt sometime soon as their feet are tiny and the hands quite big and lumpy… but they are perfect for the job.

These guys were designed to be generic minions for whatever, or whoever, the bad guy of the week is in the 7TV games. One week they could be facing off against Dr Whatsit, the next it could be Gemma Pith or The Saintly.


  1. That chap in the middle looks like a more dynamic version of Brains from Thunderbirds. Nice brushwork Paul.

    1. He does a bit. I'd not noticed that before!

  2. CD and 7TV is the perfect game for nostalgia. Make me wish I had thought of it. But not sure mine would look as good if I had.

  3. Great job, they look like they're right out of an early Bond film, which I love!

  4. Hmm, I think Dr Evil rehired a lot of these old minions. Nothing screams 60's spy villain better than men in jumpsuits with hard hats and guns!
    They look wonderful!

  5. Suoer choice for the nostalgia round. They look great!

  6. Thanks everyone! Sorry for the late response. I knew returning to work was a bad idea ;)