Saturday, January 16, 2016

'Epic Fail' from FranL - Not just an Epic Fail, Epic Fails... kill one man?

A 15mm franchise that failed to kill one specific British secret agent......

OddJob and Auric Goldfinger (and the laser was right there!).......

Ernst Stavro Blofeld (five credited actors played a Blofeld and only two were bald) and the beauty Rosa Klebb with the steel in the toe......

Pussy Galore who had the chance to end him but then slept with him.....

Many fails to kill our hero.........

Miniatures from Khurasan Miniatures.

Cue the music!


  1. No, Mr Lee, I expect you to paint.

  2. Obviously painted within the confines of Fran's hollowed-out volcanic island lair in Co. Tipperary... Some jobs can't be entrusted to a henchman, a supervillain just has to do them himself!

    Very nice work, Fran!

  3. Of course, the real epic fail in the Bond series is Miss Moneypenny's attempts to snag him ;)

    Nice work Fran :)

  4. Splendid work, Fran. Next time, Mr time.....:)

  5. Brilliant miniatures and theme, Fran!

  6. Epic success for this submission!

  7. Clever idea Fran, lovely entry Sir.

  8. Excellent idea Fran!! Rosa Klebb what a beauty!

  9. Well of course she slept with him. Better in bed than dead, I always say :0)

    Nice one Fran!