Sunday, January 3, 2016

'Nostalgia' from EvanH - Plan G

Greetings, Challengers, friends and followers!

OK, so I'm a fortnight late getting anything on the board, and about 12 figs short of my original idea for my Nostalgia-themed entry. But I can plead extenuating circumstances.

I should have paid more attention to Year 11 Chemistry back in high school, because then I might have remembered that metal oxidises over time. And if that metal happens to be lead or an alloy of that metal, it does so with catastrophic results for the painter seeking to relive the glory days of his youth, when he went out and bought two boxes of Citadel's officially-licensed RuneQuest figures, and then left them untouched in the garage for 30-odd years before deciding that they'd make a good entry for the Nostalgia round.

Well, folks, I'm here to tell, you; old lead needs to be cleaned really thoroughly before undercoating. Because when you apply colour over what looks like a perfectly safe layer of primer, there is nothing more disheartening than to see that paint bleed away from various spots on what was to have been your triumph of nerdstalgia. Repeated applications of paint met the same fate, colour fleeing the area like picnickers who'd just had a wasps' nest fall into their midst. I consulted noted figlimner and blogmeister Michael Mills, who told me what the problem was. But by then, it was too late...

So here's my Plan B, or perhaps my Plan G - G for Groucho. Copplestone Castings' excellent Captain Spaulding, as seen in 1930's Animal Crackers.

"One night, I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got into my pyjamas,  I'll never know."
Nostalgic as all get out for me, since I was a fan of the Marx Bros' anarchic and surrealistic brand of comedy from a very early age. Here we see the good Captain looking for the Amazon. And he won't stop until he finds one! *waggles eyebrows  suggestively*

So there it is, my first ever submission in my first ever Challenge. Hopefully not the last! Stay tuned...


  1. Excellent choice for this theme! He was the absolute master of the one liner.

    Well done!

  2. That's the most ridiculous thing I ever hoird! Well done, cheers PD

  3. Never knew anyone made a figure like this, loved it!

  4. What a great figure to have in your games! Nice work!

  5. Chemistry can be a pain. Great figure though

  6. nice one, the basing is top notch as well!

  7. Crikey Ev, that's spot on. I can hear his voice in my head!

  8. That is a superb entry Evan - so glad you joined us in the madness this year :)

  9. I certainly hope it's not your last submission if they're all like this!

    Welcome to the club (any club that'll accept me isn't worth being in, etc...)

  10. Worth waiting for says I, here's to many more.

  11. Well done and congratulations - the first of many!

  12. Definitely worth the wait Evan. Fantastic stuff. I loved the Marx Brothers as well. It's too bad the sculpt didn't allow his signature eyebrows. Welcome aboard!

  13. Thank you one and all, but now...

    Hello, I must be going,
    I cannot stay, I came to say,
    I must be going.
    I'm glad I came, but just the same,
    I must be going...
    : )

  14. Well done, Evan! Still I'm looking with stoicism for Harpo, he should be along presently honking his horn!
    Sorry about your issues with your planned submission, hopefully you have it sorted now for later review. ;)

    1. Thanks David, it'll be over to the back burner for those guys until I can hit them with the Simple Green and try again. I have plenty of trouble-free new lead to deal with in the meantime!

  15. Excellent backup plan. Well done.

  16. 30 years of preparation for the nostalgia round upset, yet you still produced a stunner! You did better than me, as my old figures did not get done in time for this bonus round so I missed the deadline. They will have to feature later.