Saturday, January 16, 2016

'Epic Fail' from ByronM - Gotta Light?

I was really stuck for what to do for this theme week and finally an idea started to form in my head while looking over what I wanted to get done over the challenge.  Here is what I came up with…..


It had taken more than 6 hours to get ready to leave the apartment.  That wouldn't have surprised anyone that knew the group….

The first issue was getting everything packed to leave, Leonard and Penny just wanted out of the city. They would have called it a madhouse, but they had lived in one for years before the zombie apocalypse happened. The plan was to get to the train station several blocks away and get out of the city.  However, Sheldon was being Sheldon, he was up to 6 suitcases of precious belongings ranging from his first set of fake Spock ears, to his first physics book, to every single comic in his collection (because future civilization just NEEDed to know the classics).  It took two hours to get that down to 1 bag he could carry.

Then there was the issue of weapons for protection along the way.  Leonard had no issues, he grabbed a fire axe from the hall, Penny produced a gun and said it was from dealing with a grabby ex, Leonard then took 20 minutes puffing on an inhaled to calm down.  Sheldon however then took 2 hours explaining why neither weapon choice was the proper one and set about creating some Molotov cocktails to take with them.

Just when Leonard thought they were finally ready to go, Sheldon wouldn’t leave before his scheduled bathroom time that was in 90 minutes.  “I just don’t know when we will be near a clean restroom again”, he said.

So, instead of leaving at noon to escape the city, they got out of the apartment just as dusk was falling….

The group made it about 5 blocks before Sheldon’s constant chatter and Penny’s constant shushing attacked some unwanted attention.  At first is was only a single zombie, but as Leonard and Sheldon kept arguing about who attracted it more came.

Soon they were forced to run, Sheldon of course directed them, as he knew a shortcut.  As they passed the second subway entrance that could lead to the station Penny started yelling at Sheldon about where they were going and why they skipped the previous entrances.  “Well the first one has a broken escalator so that one is no good, and the second has a vendor that always yells at me when I read his magazines and put them back, so I use the one around the corner”, Sheldon explained.

“You really think that guy is still there while a zombie apocalypse is going one!!!???”, Penny exclaimed.

As they rounded the corner to the one entrance Sheldon would use, they found the road blocked!  Someone had decided to make a barricade to hold the zombies back, and now the three of them found themselves trapped with zombies approaching.

"Quick shoot them Penny!”, Leonard cried, but Penny only had one clip, the gun had not been much more than a threat.  There were more than 40 zombies shuffling towards them.  “I need to save the bullets”, Penny said, “use the bat!”.  

“Have you ever seen him swing anything?”, Sheldon asked.  “He can’t hit a barn, let alone a person.  Pass me a match and let me burn these things.”

“A MATCH??”, both Penny and Leonard cried at the same time.  “You brought molotov cocktails and no way to light them?”

“I’m going to kill you!” both Penny and Leonard growled yet again at the same time, as they both advanced on Sheldon as the zombies approached.


Total in this entry are 40 zombies done in grey scale so that they can easily be seen as separate from the actual characters in the game, and 3 colour characters (Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny), all of which are from the Zombicide game.  This should total 215 points for my total (plus theme week points) as well as 215 points towards my modern challenge since they are all modern zombies and characters.

The zombies have a lot of character and between the three seasons of zombicide I have bought, there is a lot of variety as well.  They work exceptionally well for many different games. The characters themselves are also really good, with the exception of the faces.  These are after all “board game” pieces and not miniatures, and as such the really fine details are "soft" to say the least.  In addition to that no matter how I prep them they seem to have a texture to them that just wrecks every attempt to paint smooth flesh on them.  I tried several things to get them to look right close up, and all failed.  They are however immediately recognizable from a distance as to who they are, so I guess that is what counts here.


  1. Bloody hilarious Byron! Well done.

  2. Very nice, especially the greyscale!

  3. Great story, nice work all around, and another paint bomb as well! Guess I know who is getting a civi from me then in that contest!

  4. That is one big fail-bomb! Great little story too

  5. Bloody hell, we're not doing things by halves, are we, Byron? That really IS epic!

  6. Nice story, nice idea and great painting. Well done Byron! :)

  7. Cracking, should have been a script writer

  8. Cracking, should have been a script writer

  9. EPIC fail! I think you really nailed the Epic aspect, Byron. I kept reading with Leonard, Sheldon and Penny's voices in my head. I think you need to option that screenplay!

  10. Great entry and story. For me Leonard is the most instantly recognizable.

  11. Excellent, loved the story, not to mention all those zombies.

  12. Great job, Byron! I really like the minis and the story.

  13. Great entry and a points bomb to boot!

  14. brilliant story, you could really see this happen in the series. Can't they do a crossover with the Walking Death?