Sunday, January 31, 2016

'Defensive Terrain' from PaulS - 'Stockpiling'

Defensive terrain was a very subjective and ever so vague title for a bonus round and caused no end of pondering and false starts. Did it mean a full terrain piece, or just something small that may be defensive in nature, but still have a figure. In the end, inspired by the Epic Fail entry, I decided to keep this one fairly simple and add to the Old West project at the same time.

The cowboy is from Great Escape Games as part of their Dead Man's Hand range with a few pieces of terrain from various places.

From this angle it looks like a fairly big base for him, or a small diorama. Turn it around a bit and it starts to make more sense...

He pops off the base to be useful elsewhere, or allows someone else to take his place behind the barricade. I forgot to paint it up, but there is a second stack of grain bags on a base that fits into the gap so it can be used as pure terrain.